Nourishtic was established in 2013 by a group of young and passionate food science graduates with experience in R&D and food business. The company started out as a small bakery factory producing bakery products made from famous local produces under government supported campaign called OTOP – One Tambon (sub-district) One Product – which aims to promote unique local goods. Since then our OTOP products have been widely recognized as a must-try in the region.

With that early success, in 2016, we moved on to study and research more about food nutrition and healthy living. We found out that eating well and enjoyable are key to sustainably healthy and happy life. However, delicious food is normally high in carbs, fat, sugar, and sodium, all leads to serious health problems if over consumed. This brought us to the question “Can we create delicious food or snacks from health nourishing ingredients like whole grains, fruits and vegetables?” So, there comes the challenge to find the perfect blend of tastiness, happiness, and healthiness through the right mixture of natural ingredients.  Above all, this ideally unique delight must be uncompromisingly good for health without any preservatives or seasoning added.

We started out with passion and wonder. We challenged ourselves to push the boundaries of food and health even we were really not sure how the outcome would be, yet we kept trying. Amazingly, with perfect blend of our knowledge, experience, hard work, and imagination, we did also find the right mixture of nourishing ingredients that creates an amazingly delicious taste to enjoy and to nourish your health.
The story of our journey may sound impossible to many, but after they have tried our snacks, they immediately fell in love with them and wanted us to create more of these snacks. This is how Nourishtic will go about creating the perfect food and snacks to meet the tastes and health benefits for all. And all must be safe, fresh, and good for both mental and physical health. It was not easy, we know, but we really enjoyed it realizing that this will all the way benefit the consumers.
Our unique journey has led us and our consumers to the uniquely nourishing tastes for all to enjoy.
Let’s join this unique journey together and live fun and healthy life.
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